Case Studies

Discovering excellence and fostering innovation, our case studies spotlight the transformative journeys undertaken by our clients. Through strategic insight and creative finesse, we’ve catalysed growth, bolstered brand presence, and unlocked new horizons for businesses across the spectrum.

Education incorporated

Education incorporated is an IEB private school based in Fourways, Johannesburg. The school has been in operation since 2013 under the leadership of Gershom and Jacqueline Aitchison. The school has had an impressive track record and have grown their students numbers at a reasonable rate since inception.


The brand’s visual identity and messaging had become diluted, with creative inputs from various sources detracting from the school’s core message and identity.


The brand’s visual identity and messaging had become diluted, with creative inputs from various sources detracting from the school’s core message and identity.


The collaboration led to a refined brand identity that accurately communicates Education Incorporated’s commitment to excellence in education, reinforcing its position as a leader in the academic community.

client requirements

  • Technical audit of branding marks and visual language
  • Redesign of digital business platforms
  • Consistent brand/visual messaging across the entire communication system
  • Develop a unified social strategy
  • Optimise Search Engine effectiveness
  • Develop real-world interactions
  • Communicate the brand message effectively across all platforms

Project delivery Timeline


01 July 2023

Client meeting and project briefing session.


06 July 2023

Audit complete and PR campaign commences


16 July 2024

Digital platforms consolidated and active


01 August 2023

Website is live and Social media campaigns begin


23 August 2023

Cedar Corner, Fourways activation commences

The Identity

  • Convert all major brandmarks into technically appropriate design format
    • Over time the Education Incorporated brandmark had been overworked and altered moving away from the essence of the brand. The brandmark had also been un-vectorised and filtered for impact. All filters were removed and a set of technical correct rules implemented according to best practices.
  • Creative fonts had been implemented which were not digitally sound, nor could they be consider ‘on-brand’.
  • A more playful brandmark was implemented for informal usage.
  • Rules and restrictions put inplace to ensure consistency and technical excellence.

editorial content & publications

Neutral Gravity crafts impactful content that connects and engages. Our editorial team blends in-depth research with creative narratives, ensuring each publication speaks directly to its intended audience. We prioritise clarity, relevance, and innovation in our work, ensuring that every piece not only captures attention but also sustains interest and encourages action.

Our expertise spans digital and print mediums, allowing us to reach audiences effectively, regardless of their preferred platform. Collaborating closely with clients, we tailor our approach to align with their unique brand voice and objectives, ensuring that our content not only informs but also inspires and persuades.

By focusing on strategic content creation, we help brands articulate their stories compellingly, fostering stronger connections with their audience and driving meaningful engagement.

Social media updates

Neutral Gravity excels in producing concise, engaging updates for social channels, aimed at broadening your audience. We focus on clear communication, ensuring your news reaches and resonates with the intended audience. From launching services to celebrating milestones, our updates spark interest and interaction.

We craft each message to enhance your online presence, driving engagement and building a vibrant community around your brand. Trust us to deliver your updates effectively, connecting with your audience in meaningful ways.

Cedar Square Activation

Neutral Gravity demonstrated its community engagement prowess with the Cedar Square Activation, connecting brands and local communities effectively. This initiative transformed a public space into a hub of interaction, highlighting the importance of direct engagement in strengthening brand loyalty.

Every activity was carefully planned to resonate with community values, leaving a lasting impression on participants. This event underscored Neutral Gravity’s role as a key facilitator in creating meaningful connections and memorable experiences for brands and their audiences.

Campaign results

Our recent initiatives have significantly impacted brand visibility and audience engagement. By leveraging strategic insights and innovative approaches, we’ve seen remarkable outcomes:

  • Enhanced brand recognition across target markets, leading to a measurable increase in consumer interest and interaction.
  • Substantial growth in social media engagement, with a surge in followers and active participation from the community.
  • Positive feedback from participants, highlighting the effectiveness of our tailored approach in resonating with diverse audiences.

These results underscore our commitment to excellence and the value we bring to our clients through dedicated, innovative campaign strategies.




Website traffic


Social media traffic



Conclusion / Client Feeback

Reflecting on our journey, the feedback from our clients stands as a testament to the success and impact of our collaborative efforts. Their insights offer a valuable perspective on the effectiveness of our strategies and the meaningful connections we’ve fostered. Here, we share the outcomes and reflections that not only celebrate our achievements but also guide our future endeavours.